What people are saying about Awake at the Wheel
“A superb catalyst for anyone with the urge to bring their best ideas into reality.”
– Tim Gallwey, Author of Inner Game of Tennis and Inner Game of Work

“Og may have invented the wheel, but Mitch Ditkoff has created a GPS for the innovation process. Awake at the Wheel is a witty and inspiring roadmap for the journey from ideas to invention!”
– Donna Fenn, Author, Alpha Dogs: How Your Small Business Can Become a Leader of the Pack

“This easy to read allegory reinvents and refreshes our thinking about what it takes to move from inspiration to actualization. I highly recommend Mitch’s deep thinking to all who would bring their Big Ideas into the harsh and resistant Real World.”
– Dr. Barry Gruenberg, Director of Leadership Development, Microsoft Corporation

“A highly accessible alchemist’s stone for aspiring innovators.”
– Joyce Wycoff, co-founder of Innovation Network, President of ThinkSmart Learning Systems

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. The time has come for this book and Mitchell Ditkoff has put it into words. He has done a masterful job.”
– Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, Guerrilla Marketing

“Go ahead and ‘hug’ your employees by giving them Awake at the Wheel and creating a company culture that fosters, develops, and celebrates the best of their ideas!”
– Jack Mitchell, Author of Hug Your Customers and Hug Your People

“Entertaining and inspiring.” – Chuck Frey, Founder, Innovation Tools

“Mitch Ditkoff takes storytelling to new levels of entertainment, practicality and wisdom. This little tome is packed with powerful lessons, direction and advice for anyone attempting to turn their ideas into reality.”
– Farrell Reynolds, Former Director of Sales, Turner Broadcasting

Awake at the Wheel illuminates! It’s the perfect book for those of us who have felt the excitement of the ‘aha’ moment only to experience the frustration that comes when no one sees the brilliant light bulb above our head. Mitch Ditkoff takes us on an engaging journey that re-imagines how to turn an idea into great success and makes it suddenly seem easy.”
– Melinda McLaughlin, SVP, A&E Television Networks

“Cheese, Fish and Peacocks are so last century when Og (aka Mitch Ditkoff) is at the wheel! Awake at the Wheel packs so much into such a deceptively whimsical story that it comes together in a 'perfect storm' of innovation that speaks to everyone. If you need to get your creative juices flowing (or your team's), read this book immediately.”
– Debbie Weathers, Organizational Learning, Merck

“Awake at the Wheel is an absolutely incredible book of ideas and is one of the most reviewed books that Morgan James Publishing has ever had.”
– David Hancock, Founder, Morgan James Publishing


Axiom Business Book Awards
2009 Silver Medal